Simple blusher fingertip veil, Short blusher veil - Style 2093

A short version of Veil style1527. A classic blusher veil made with high-quality bridal illusion tulle fabric, the blusher layer could be worn tossed back.

-Model height 6'9'', wearing a fingertip length veil, train measures approximately 45 inches at its longest, blusher measures 30 inches.
{Available Lengths}
♡ Elbow Veil Train Length/Blusher Length = 30''/30''
♡ Fingertip Veil Train Length/Blusher Length = 45"/30"
♡ Ankle veil train length/Blusher length = 70''/30''
Other lengths are available upon request.

-Hand sewn onto a gold plated wire comb
-Available in light ivory (as pictured) and bridal white

♡ All of our veils are highly customizable. We enjoy creating the perfect accessories for your big day, finding laces specific to match a bride’s gown. Need a custom tulle color? Or a specific length that is not listed above? We are happy to help, just send us a message and ask! ♡

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